Can Chameleons Eat Flies

Chameleons are insectivorous reptiles that commonly eat insects such as flies, crickets, grasshoppers. However, due to their environment, which can be food-scarce, they will also opportunistically consume vegetation from time to time too.[1]

Is It Ok For My Chameleon To Eat House Flies?

Normal Diet for Chameleons

However, chameleons get bored eating the same meals daily, so adding some variety keeps them interested in eating. That variety can include live flies, roaches, grasshoppers and spiders.[2]

How Many Flies Can A Chameleon Eat?

Once you’ve successfully guided your chameleon to adulthood the feeding becomes easier still. Adults need about half the amount juveniles do and you can feed them full adult size insects. So around five or six insects will do fine.[3]

Can Chameleons Catch Flies?

I’ve found my chameleons’ feeding and hunting responses are highest for flies and flying insects. Flies are a natural part of their diet.[4]

Do Chameleons Eat Dead Flies?

My geckos would eat roaches in the wild, so I will keep feeding them roaches, they dont need a cup. They are also nocturnal, come out when the roaches do, and actively look under the leaf litter for said roaches. They are designed to eat the roaches, Chameleons are designed to eat flies.[5]




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