Can Hognose Snakes Eat Cheese?

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What Foods Can Hognose Eat?

Hognose snakes will feed on a variety of items, although their primary food items are toads and frogs. Most species will also feed on lizards, salamanders, worms, insects, small mammals and birds. Hognose snakes appear to be immune to the poisons secreted by toads.[2]

Can Hognose Snakes Eat Scrambled Eggs?

If you’re concerned about your snake getting parasites from wild-caught amphibians, freeze them before feeding. Human-grade cuts of meat or bits of cooked egg can make a nice treat, but they should never be offered regularly because they’re simply not nutritious enough.[3]

Are Hognose Snakes Picky Eaters?

These adorable snakes are known for their upturned snouts and the way they play dead in the wild— two traits that make them popular pets. However, they can also be picky eaters depending on a range of circumstances. This behavior has been observed in baby hognose snakes, subadult hoggies, and even fully-grown adults.[4]



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