All your questions about skinks answered

Do Skinks Have Green Blood?

The prehensile-tailed skink from the highlands of New Guinea has green blood caused by high concentrations of the green bile pigment biliverdin. Kermit the Frog used to sing that it wasn’t easy being green, but that isn’t the case for some real-life lizards.May 16, 2018[1] What Makes Skink Blood Green? Prasinohaema are green-blooded skinks, or …

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What Do Baby Skinks Eat?

To care for a skink, feed your skink live insects like crickets or feeder insects, because skinks won’t eat dead ones. As an occasional treat, give it king worms or mealworms. To supplement its diet, give it fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, greens, or peas.[1] What Do Baby 5 Lined Skinks Eat? Five-lined skinks …

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