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Does Uromastyx Poop Smell?

Uromastyx: Uromastyx also poop every 1-3 days on average. Their poop doesn’t smell, as they don’t eat live bugs. Spot cleaning is easy.[1] How Can You Tell If Your Uromastyx Is Dehydrated? Many skinny uromastyx will be dehydrated, because the main source of moisture are salads. Signs of dehydration are lethargy, sunken eyes, wrinkly skin, …

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Is Uromastyx Communal?

Uromastyx Housing A 75+ gallon tank is necessary when keeping a breeding or same-sex pair together. Unless paired young, individuals may not tolerate sharing space with others, even of a different sex. Females and males can be very aggressive to same-sex cage mates.[1] Uromastyx How Big Uromastyx Size Most adult uromastyx are between 10 and …

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