How Much Is A Western Hognose Snake?

Common Western Hognoses cost $175 – $250 from a private breeder. Adults are typically closer to $250 and hatchlings are sometimes sold for as low as $175. Morphs such as the Lavender can cost $1,200. In addition to making sure your snake is captive bred you should handle it before purchasing.[1]

What Are Western Hognose Habitat?

Distribution and habitat

The western hognose snake occurs from southern Canada throughout the United States to northern Mexico. It frequents areas with sandy or gravelly soils, including prairies, river floodplains, scrub and grasslands, semi-deserts, and some semiagricultural areas.[2]

Will A Hognose Snake Bite?


They do, however, produce a mild venom that is used for subduing prey. This mild venom is delivered by two enlarged teeth at the back of the upper jaw. However, bites from eastern hog-nosed snakes are extremely rare. These snakes are not aggressive and usually do not bite even in self defense.[3]

Western Hognose Snake Limp When Held

Bad shed and limp snake….help 🙁 | Reptile › Forums › Help and Chat › Snakes[4]

Why Does My Snake Feel Limp?

In addition, while a healthy snake will usually contract its body as it tries to move away from you and even coil up tightly, a sick, weak snake may just lie limp. All of the signs described thus far are general signs of illness in snakes.Jul 26, 2016[5]

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How Do You Know If Your Snake Is Stressed While Handling?

Flinches Or Jerks When Touched

While your snake will flinch if it’s startled and doesn’t know that you’re about to touch it (and then could strike at you), if it does know that you’re about to touch it and still flinch or jerk away, it may mean that they are stressed.[6]

How Long Can You Hold A Hognose Snake?

Take it slow at first, keeping initial handling sessions no longer than 5 minutes — but don’t return the snake until it is calm, which “rewards” “good behavior.” Once your hognose is calm in your hands, work up to 10 minutes, then gradually up to half an hour. Handling sessions should not exceed 1 hour.[7]

How Long Is A Hognose Snake?

This squat, heavy-bodied snake reaches a maximum length of 3 feet (90 cm), but 2 feet (60 cm) is more typical. Most noticeable on the western hognose snake is the strongly upturned, pointed snout.[8]

How Large Do Hognose Snakes Grow?

Western Hognose Snake Size

Female Western hognoses can grow to a maximum size just short of 3 feet, with a weight that normally does not exceed 800 grams. Males are somewhat smaller, averaging between 14 to 24 inches.[9]

How Long Can A Hognose Get?

How big do western hognose snakes get? Baby western hognoses hatch at around 5-7 inches long and will grow to an average length around 20 inches, and most often weighing less than one pound when full grown. Females grow to be larger than males, up to about 3 ft, though weighing no more than 2 lbs.Jul 8, 2020[10]

How Tall Is A Hognose Snake?

An adult Hognose size is between 1.5 – 2 feet long. A female hognose snake’s length can reach three feet but two feet is average. Western Hognoses hatch at 6 – 7 inches long regardless of their sex.[11]

How To Feed A Baby Hognose Snake

Baby hognose snakes have been known to eat insects in the wild, as well as some small rodents and amphibians. When feeding your own hognose snake hatchling, we recommend frozen pinky mice with Frog Juice or Frog Micro and Mini links.Dec 4, 2019[12]

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How Often Do You Feed A Baby Hognose?

Feeding Schedule

Baby snakes don’t even start to think about food until they are two to four weeks old. Once they do, they generally need to eat about twice a week. More frequent feedings will encourage them to grow faster.[13]

Hognose Snake Twitching When Mating

body starts to jump when put with another snake ?? | Reptile › Forums › Help and Chat › Snakes[14]

Why Is My Hognose Twitching?

The twitching you are seeing is from the spray residue. It effects them neurologically and will most certainly kill them. Do not put him into a container that has anything sprayed in it for the mites.[15]

Are Hognose Snakes Hard To Breed?

The western hognose is easy to breed. The first thing to consider when undertaking a breeding project is to make sure you have a pair of properly sexed animals. Western hog-nosed snakes are generally easy to sex after their first shed, which occurs a day or so after hatching.[16]

How Long After Breeding Do Hognose Snakes Lay Eggs?

Thirty to 60 days after mating, the female lays between 4 and 23 eggs in a sandy nest.[17]

What Do Hognose Snakes Do When Threatened?

Hognose snakes are nicknamed “puff adders” because when threatened, they puff out the skin around their necks and raise their heads off the ground like cobras. They may also hiss and lunge at their attackers. If intimidation fails, these snakes resort to trickery: they flip over and play dead![18]

Hognose Snake How Easy To Keep

They’re often kept in homes as pet snakes. Hognose snakes tend to be timid, preferring to hide from predators in the wild rather than attack. Likewise, in captivity, they rarely turn aggressive. They are relatively easy to maintain once you have their housing and feeding routine down.Jan 27, 2022[19]

Are Hognose Snakes Low Maintenance?

Hognose snakes are generally fairly easy to care for, but occasional refusal to feed on non-amphibian prey and their mild venom creates certain special considerations for their care. With good care, they typically live 10-15 years. Environmental enrichment items (caves, hollow logs, sturdy branches, etc.)[20]

Are Hognose Snakes High Maintenance?

Cage Maintenance

Western Hognose Snakes require minimal maintenance as they usually excrete small amounts of semi-solid fluid. Aspen bedding allows for quick cleaning of feces using one of our scoopers. Be sure to add fresh bedding after scooping waste to maintain enough substrate for burrowing.[21]

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How Often Can You Hold A Hognose Snake?

To keep your hognose comfortable with human interaction, handle it 1-2x/week, but no more than 1x/day. It’s good exercise, but more often can stress them out, especially if your hognose is young.[22]

How Big Of A Tank Do Hognose Snakes Need?

Juveniles can be housed in a 10 gallon (20″x10″x12″ or 50x28x33 cm) until they are 1 year old. Adult males can be housed in a minimum 20 gallon (30″x13″x13″ or 76x33x33 cm) enclosure. For Easterns and adult female Westerns, 40 gallons (36″x18″16″ or 90x45x40 cm) is a more appropriate minimum.[23]

Why Is The Western Hognose Snake Protected In Illinois

western hog-nosed snake – › dnr › education › Pages › WASNWesternHognosedSn…[24]

Are Hognose Snakes Legal In Illinois?

Illinois state law prohibits the commercial sale of any wild-caught snake or any of their parts, eggs, or offspring. Personal possession limits also exist for any native species of amphibian or reptile.[25]

Why Are Western Hognose Snakes Endangered?

Are western hognose snakes endangered? Western hognose snakes have experienced dramatic population declines due to habitat loss and are listed as threatened in some states, though not nationally.Jul 8, 2020[26]

How Do You Get A Permit For A Hognose Snake In Illinois?

Residents seeking to obtain a Herpetoculture Permit must submit an application form, provided by the Department, along with a non-refundable annual fee of $50.[27]

What Are Hognose Snakes Good For?

Hognose snakes are some of the best pets for reptile enthusiasts. In fact, they’re an excellent compromise snake; they’re more exotic than a gecko but less fussy than a ball python.[28]

What Kind Of Water To Give Hognose Snake

Western Hognose Snake Care Sheet – Reptiles › Snakes Care Sheets[29]

Do Hognose Snakes Need Water?

Even though wild Western hognoses inhabit areas that are semi-arid, pets still need a ready supply of clean water at all times.Dec 23, 2013[30]