Can Lizards Have Avocado?

A beardy can eat a wide range of fruits, vegetables, and insects. Meaning, you can treat your lizard friend to a few fruit toppings to its diet, but DO NOT include avocados. Although avocado is a superfood in most households, it isn’t beardy-friendly.[1]

What Fruits Are Toxic To Iguanas?

Fruits high in oxalates include kiwi, figs and small berries. These can be given occasionally as a treat but try to limit the portions. Avoid giving tofu, as it is high in both protein and oxalates. and make sure to cook them thoroughly for your own or iguana’s consumption.[2]

Can Iguanas Eat Pineapple?

Pineapples in particular can be nutritious additions to their diet, but they’re also highly acidic and shouldn’t be fed to your iguana too often. Iguanas require vegetables containing high levels of calcium. Since pineapples have only 13mg calcium per 100g, they’re not recommended for regular feeding.[3]




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