How Big Do Hognose Snakes Live?

Description: Sometimes called ‘puff adders,’ eastern hognose snakes are thick-bodied snakes that reach about 46 in (115 cm) long.[1]

Are Hognose Snakes Big?

The name ‘hognose’ refers to multiple snake species with distinctly shaped upturned snouts coming from three related genera: Heterodon, Leioheterodon, and Lystrophis. They’re found in North America, South America, and Madagascar. These animals are fairly small and generally have thick bodies and round eyes.[2]

How Big Should A 1 Year Old Hognose Be?

Male western hognoses are generally mature and ready to breed at 1 year of age, and should weigh around 70 grams or so (although smaller males have proven to be successful breeders). Females are typically considered mature at 2 years of age, and their weight should be at least 250 grams.[3]

What Size Tank Does A Hognose Need?

Terrarium Size

The minimum enclosure size recommended for housing a single western hognose is 18”L x 18”W x 24”H. However, when it comes to choosing a terrarium for pet reptiles, keep in mind that larger is always better! Multiple hognose snakes should not be housed together in the same enclosure.[4]

How Hot Should The Basking Area Be For A Hognose Snake

Western hognose snake temperature gradient: Basking surface temperature: 90-95°F. Cool zone temperature: 70-75°F.Feb 1, 2021[5]

How Hot Should A Hognose Enclosure Be?

As a temperate species, hognose snakes can tolerate a wide range of temperatures. However, in captivity it is advisable to provide an ambient daytime temperature of around 80 degrees. One section of the enclosure may be safely heated to 90 degrees, so long as the animal has access to cooler areas within the enclosure.[6]

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Do Hognose Snakes Need A Basking Spot?

Hognose Snakes like to burrow so provide at least 1” of substrate. Western Hognose Snakes need a thermal gradient consisting of a warm side in the upper 80s, a cool side in the upper 60s/low 70s and a basking area around 90° F. Nighttime temperatures can be in mid to high 70s.[7]

Is A Heat Mat Enough For A Hognose?

Hognoses need a day and night temperature change. They are not tropical so don’t need constant heat. They are far better off kept by having overhead heating than a mat, they are burrowers and do so to escape heat.[8]

What Humidity Does A Hognose Snake Need?

Western and Mexican hognose snakes thrive between 30-50% humidity. Eastern and southern hognose snakes thrive between 50-60% humidity. Correct humidity levels help maintain respiratory health as well as facilitate proper shedding.[9]

Where Can I Get A Hognose Snake In North Carolina

Eastern Hognose Snake – Amphibians and Reptiles of North › eastern-hognose-snake[10]

Can You Have A Hognose Snake In North Carolina?

These snakes are found throughout the Carolinas, and their preferred habitats are woodlands with sandy soil, fields, farmland, and coastal areas. Eastern Hognose Snakes are active during the day and are often seen on roads in the spring and fall.Sep 17, 2019[11]

Where Can You Find A Hognose Snake?

Distribution and Habitat: Hognose snakes can be found in the eastern half of the United States from southern Florida north to central New England, the Great Lakes Region, and some regions of southern Canada. These snakes are found throughout Georgia and South Carolina .[12]

How Much Is A Hognose Snake?

Choosing Your Hognose Snake

Expect to pay around $100 to $500, depending on the species and age of the snake. It’s up to you to decide whether you want an adult snake or a hatchling. If you have limited experience with snakes, you might want to choose a hatchling.[13]

Is A Hognose Snake A Good Pet?

Do hognose snakes make good pets? Yes! Hognose snakes are some of the best pets for reptile enthusiasts. In fact, they’re an excellent compromise snake; they’re more exotic than a gecko but less fussy than a ball python.[14]

How To Identify A Hognose Snake

These snakes are easily distinguished by their upturned snouts, but they are variable in color. The eastern hognose has a background color that can be yellow, gray, brown, green or black, often patterned with large, rectangular spots down the middle of the back that may resemble eyespots.[15]

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What Happens If A Hognose Snake Bites You?

Western hognose snakes are thought to be phlegmatic and mild captives, and thus, they rarely bite humans when threatened. Therefore, they are generally not viewed as venomous. There are few reports of Western hognose snake bites, but the chief symptoms are edema, redness, blister formation, ecchymoses, and cellulitis.[16]

Are Hognose Snake Harmful?


Eastern Hog-nosed Snakes are not dangerous to people or pets. They do, however, produce a mild venom that is used for subduing prey. This mild venom is delivered by two enlarged teeth at the back of the upper jaw. However, bites from eastern hog-nosed snakes are extremely rare.Sep 8, 2021[17]

How Much Is A Hognose Snake Worth?

Common Western Hognoses cost $175 – $250 from a private breeder. Adults are typically closer to $250 and hatchlings are sometimes sold for as low as $175. Morphs such as the Lavender can cost $1,200. In addition to making sure your snake is captive bred you should handle it before purchasing.[18]

How Many Eggs Does A Hognose Snake Lay

Hognose snakes mate soon after emerging from brumation in late spring. Females lay their eggs in early summer and, after incubating for a month or two, the eggs hatch in late summer. Females lay clutches of 15 to 25 eggs on average in sandy depressions under rocks or logs.[19]

How Many Eggs Do Western Hognose Snakes Lay?

Western Hognose Snakes are oviparous which means they lay eggs. The females lays 2-24 creamy, white, elliptical eggs which are buried in the sand and or in damp soil. Once the eggs are laid adult snakes do not care for the eggs or young. Young hognose snakes hatch in August and September.[20]

How Long Does It Take A Hognose To Lay Eggs?

The gestation period for western hognoses is generally between 28 and 45 days, and it is important to offer the female a meal twice weekly during this time. Normally, she will refuse food two weeks prior to laying eggs; however, some females will continue to take small meals.Mar 20, 2012[21]

How Many Eggs Are In A Hognose Clutch?

The eastern hognose snake is larger than the southern, and eastern females may lay more than 40 eggs, while southerns generally have clutch sizes of less than 15 eggs.[22]

How Many Eggs Do Snakes Lay At One Time?

How Many Eggs Does a Snake Lay? Snakes that are small in size tend to lay fewer eggs than larger snakes. Some small snakes lay as few as 10 or as many as 30 eggs. A large snake-like a python can lay 100 eggs or even more in some cases.[23]

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How To Catch A Hognose Snake In Minnesota Where Do They Hide

Eastern Hognose Snake | Minnesota › reptiles_amphibians › easternhognosesnake[24]

Where Do Hognose Snakes Hide?

Western Hognose Snakes do well with little furnishings since they like to burrow under their substrate. You should still provide at least two hide boxes, or logs, decorative reptile shelter, hiding huts or caves. It is always a good idea to have one shelter on the warm side and one on the cool side.[25]

Where Can I Find Hognose Snakes In Minnesota?

Eastern hognose snakes live on sandy soils near open woodlands or forest edge. This species is found in the eastern third of the Minnesota.[26]

Where Do Snakes Hide In Your Yard?

In addition to hiding in tall grass, snakes will hide in yard debris. Tall grasses and shrubs are two ideal hiding spots for these reptiles. They also tend to hide away in storage sheds, piles of wood, or in fallen branches and limbs.[27]

Where Do Snakes Like To Hide In A House?

Snakes are likely to settle in behind or beneath furniture or objects. Look along all the walls and in and under any baseboard heating elements. Snakes are unlikely to go into toilets but may very well end up behind them or even their tanks. Hand-held mirrors and flashlights are useful tools.[28]

What Is A Good Mental Stimulant For A Hognose Snake

Mental stimulation can be provided by giving snakes puzzles to solve or mazes to figure out. Typically puzzles and mazes have food placed within them and the animals must find it or figure out how to get to it.[29]

What Is Good Enrichment For Snakes?

For snakes under human care, cognitive enrichment can be as simple as placing novel items into your reptile’s enclosure for them to investigate, or placing your reptile in a novel environment to explore. You can also provide mental stimulation by providing puzzles for them to solve or mazes for them to figure out.[30]