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Do Chameleons Eat Ants

Many hobbyists find that it is easier to provide a varied diet to Dwarf and Leaf Chameleons than to larger species. Due to their small size, most will accept a wide variety of ants, flies, midges, millipedes and other tiny invertebrates that are very common in most environments.[1] Will Ants Hurt My Chameleon? Prism Chameleons …

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Can Chameleons Eat Flies

Chameleons are insectivorous reptiles that commonly eat insects such as flies, crickets, grasshoppers. However, due to their environment, which can be food-scarce, they will also opportunistically consume vegetation from time to time too.[1] Is It Ok For My Chameleon To Eat House Flies? Normal Diet for Chameleons However, chameleons get bored eating the same meals …

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